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R.I.P - Francis Lapointe - Frank Wolf - Society Killed The Teenager

"Suicide is stupid? You wanna know what really is stupid? Hurting someone so much emotionally, that they think suicide is the only answer."

Rest In Peace Francis. I will forever miss you. I just can’t accept your absence. I love you very much and hope you’re soaring high with the angels. May your spirit live on forever. Watch out for us outcasts alright? “They’ll hate you if you’re pretty, they’ll hate you if you’re not” I hope the other side is better for you dear.

Francis Lapointe April 21,1993 - November 25, 2013 Son of Claudette Lapointe and Pierre Beaulieu, passed away tragically on November 25. He will be deeply missed by his parents, his sister Marie-Pier (Christian), his nephew Samuel, his niece Zoélie, many friends and family.

Francis Lapointe was his first and last name,otherwise known as FrankWolf, he was 20 years old and lived in Quebec, Canada. 
He was a model and became famous in social networks for his style, beauty, his cosplays and dedication ... Frank was always lively and friendly ... He died Monday (11/25) by means of suicide. And what led you to do such a thing? The problem was that Frank suffered what is called Cyber Bullying, a type of bullying on internet, the boy received horrible messages, and that caused his death. 
He listened to daily criticism and threats by dressing like a girl, by makeup, for being homosexual. Messages repeatedly mocked the shamed, annoyed, and even condemned to death and later to hell. 
People who don't know him, people who judged only by their sexuality and their appearance. People who leave their routines, to destroy a sweet guy that had nothing to do with their lives. 
The police currently analyzes the case, but it is known that the boy was so disturbing and verbally assaulted and couldn't cope with it any longer. 
It's amazing how in the middle of 2013 there is still homophobic and hate-filled people in the world. And even if these people have never touched a finger at Frank, without any doubt they killed him. 
This is how it works the fundamentalist discourse that dehumanizes and condemns homosexuals and transsexuals, and many many other speeches, "jokes", jokes, reviews that society makes every day against millions of people because of their sexual orientation and gender identity. 
Now these speeches encourage hatred and violence and now, destroy the victim inside the point that living becomes a torture. 
Rest in peace Francis Lapointe 4/21/1993 – 11/25/2013

About Me
Hi, my name is Frank Wolf. I will turn 18 in April (I will be an adult...Scary!) My first language is french, and i basically taught myself english and japanese.
I will learn spanish and madarin soon. I currently live in Montréal. I was born & lived here all my life.
 Photography has always been such a big part of my life.. i've been taking my own photographs since i was about 15...
They used to be mainly simple self-portraits and i'd post them online..
 Over time some people started to follow my work and it went on from there.
 To be able to do what i love is all i could've asked for. And i'm ever so grateful about everybody's huge support!
Annoying people. Unhealthy food. People that pollute. Fighting.
Favorite Music
Pop. Electro. House.

"Hey everyone, i'm Frank! 

I recently got into modelling and this is a passion for me. My first language is french, and I basically taught myself english. Modeling has always been such a big part of my life. I've been taking my own photographs since i was about 14... they used to be mainly simple self-portraits and i'd post them online.. 
My style is kind of different from people I know, and i'm crazy on the inside. I'm very funny and random, I love to laugh and to act like a fool but I can be serious when needed. I currently have white hair, but I change them very often. 

I am open-minded. Dress me as a girl or as a boy if you want. Make-up doesn't bother me. 

I am mobile and can move anywhere in Montréal. I also have quite a flexible schedule. I can be contacted via Facebook, which I check on a daily basis, don't hesitate for any questions, I love to answer them!"

Hi Frank :) How society responds to your style? They criticize, are aggressive or conversely approve of it?

There’s always some head turnings and people that always stare at me in the subway. They look at my face, then my chest and most of them seems confused haha! I think our society is very close-minded, at a point where a boy with feminine features and long hair can’t really have it’s place in there. Some people are of course agressive with my style and aren’t afraid to bash me. Some just call me Madam/Miss ( my voice is so deep, how comes they don’t notice?! ) but I always get a lot of smiles whenever I go :) 

Hi :) You say that you identify as male and neutral, just wondering what pro-nouns you prefer. Like would you rather be referred to as "he" or as "they" ?

”He” for sure :) The only thing I consider ”neutral”, like I said before, is probably clothes and styling/accessories. I don’t see why long hair should belong to girl, as well as the makeup, hair dye, nail polish, etc. I previously said that clothes should be neutral but maybe I wasn’t clear enough; I will never wear high heels, skirts and such in public. I think that men have ALL the rights to wear these kind of clothing in public though, but they should expect to be judged by the others.

I was wondering... are you a male or female model? Cause you're awesome in both sides o.o

I model as a ”female” most of the time since photographers are always impressed to see that I can pull off feminine clothing quite well! ^_^

sorry for asking this but I would like to know if you are gay or bi?

makes me laugh everytime when i see this. seems like the ”straight” option is never pronounced.

How old are you? And are you single or takin'? :]

I’m ageless and single. Life is too short to share it with someone.

Frankwolf. Now for those who don’t know who he is/was he was a model/cosplayer who lived in Canada. He took his life on November 25, 2013. They claimed that he was bullied.Now there are a bunch of stuff going around saying he faked his death or that he’s just sick and will be back and ALSO the famous “he was hacked” argument. 
I don’t know about you guys, but if I WASN’T dead and all of this stuff was going around I would have said something by now. May he Rest In Peace.
I’m sure all of us will miss him. So many young inspiring people are taking their lives these days because no one was there for them when they truly needed somebody.  He was an inspiration to many people. It just hurts to see people over and over not being able to accept the fact that he’s gone. Let him rest. You’re only tormenting yourself by living in denial. I wasn’t going to make this post in general, but since no one is posting all the proof in one setting nobody knows what to believe.

tsumetai namida wo tataete
toki ga michiru koro
anata wa hikari wo sagashite
yami wo hiraku darou
When you are overflown with cold tears,
and when the time is ripe,
you'd probably have sought out light,
and shattered darkness.
akane no utagoe
sono mune wo somete yuku
eien ni kogarete
chiriisogu shirabe no you ni
The Persian-red singing voice
slowly dyes your chest the same color,
as if it's an eternally yearning
and swiftly dispersing melody.
kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa
watashi no niwa ga aru
itsuka anata ga tadoritsuku
migiwa no kanata ni
In the stillness of the shining sky
is my backyard garden.
Some day you will finally reach
the other side of the shore.
tsuki wo mamoru yoru no yami ga
sasayaku komuriuta
nakanai kodomo no hitomi ga
yume ni nureru made
The night's darkness, while guarding the moon,
whispers along a lullaby, on and on,
until the eyes of the children,
who no longer cry, become soaked in dreams.
nidoto wa aenai anata dakara
itoshiku kuruoshiku
yoru wa mune wo eguru you ni
Since I will never see you a second time,
it feels like my chest is being hollowed out
by the night, dearly and madly.
kagayaku sora no shijima ni wa
anata no ie ga aru
tsuki no ochiru yami no mukou
minamoto e kaeru
In the stillness of the shining sky
is your home of return.
Beyond the darkness where the moon sinks
is a narrow path that leads you
back to the beginning.

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  1. Sulle on haaste blogissa! :D

  2. I feel like crying. Society is very messed up! R.I.P. wolfy

  3. When I saw his videos I immediately fell in love, but I was too late.

  4. R.I.P. I will miss you. When i first watched you i fell in love, and i wished so badly that i could go back and meet you.

  5. All these years and I still dont understand how anyone can bully such an angel, for being himself...

  6. Just found him today......i am to late....makes me cry that such a beautiful person inside and out was taken from us just because a bunch of people were jealous of his beauty.

    1. Im am in the same situation, I saw a picture, and was amazed. When I found out he had died my means of suicide, and when I found out that it was cyberbullying, I actually did cry because I had two friends die this year, also by suicide, one of which by cyberbullying and and real bullying, the other though I lack details, I believe was school related stress. It enrages me that any could in their right mind ever push someone to do this. Frank and the first friend I loss both had a shocking amount of things in common, both loving, caring, outgoing, and wanted to make other people happy, and both beautiful. Sadly, with both of them, people were jealous. And now, because, of jealousy,(although I am an atheist) an angel is gone from the planet.

    2. (in no way did I mean that cyberbullying is not real bullying, I mean bullying physically)

  7. Als ich heute auf seine Seite stiess, verliebte ich mich. Dieser wundervolle Junge!,dachte ich mir. Und dann erfuhr ich, dass er durch mobbing selbstmord begangen hat. Es hat mich so tief getroffen! Wie kann man nur einem solchen Jungen Mann Gewalt antun?! Was sind das für herzlose Menschen? Während ich dies schreibe, rinnen mir die Tränen aus den Augen...
    Ruhe in Frieden, Francis Lapointe, gennant Frank Wolf